2010- top 5 international songs

5) Superficial – Heidi Montag (111)


For those who are not familiar with Heidi I would just say she is better know to be a reality tv (infamous) star who had worldwide visibility for having 10 (TEN) cosmetic procedures in one day.
Sai so Heidi always traid to get into music and when unleashed her new look she also launched her pop album.
Superficial was the name of both the album and the lead single.
with a chorus like this:

“They say Im superficial
Some call me a bitch
They just mad cause
Im sexy, famous and Im rich
I rock the latest fashions
And I set the latest trends
Girls say Im conceited
Cause they really wanna be me

So say Im superficial
Cause I got money
They say Im superficial
But they really dont know me
They say Im superficial
Cause I got money
They say Im superficial
But they really dont know me”

this song made a perfect soundtrack of a lot oo cardio at the gym! You know…just because I’m superficial…and some call me a bitch!

4) Commander – Kelly Rowland feat David Guetta. (112)


I would have thought that this track of the former Destiny’s Child member feautiring the french DJ turned music’s God was going to be at least at number three as as soon as it came out i was completely obsessed with it. It is a complete and massive dancefloor smash that deserved to be a much bigger hit that it actually was.
In my opinion it has a vibe that only few other dance tracks have.
to be honest if anyone doesn’t liks this song would be banned form being a friend of mine or going out with me… I cant imagine to be interrupted while dancing to this:

“From here on out
I’ll be your commander
No fear no doubt
I’ll provide the answer
Right now I command you to dance
I’ll be your commander
Right now I command you to dance
I’ll be your commander
Right now I command you to…

I- I’ll be your commander
I’ll provide the answer”

for maybe being told :” I dont like this song..let’s go for a walk or a drink”. I’m telling you… next you will be facebook un-friended-ed!!!! lol

3) Memelo (2010 version)- Anamor (113)


How this managed to arrive in top three is a mistery. or maybe no…considering that my mum also know this song…which means that i must have played A LOT!.
Anamor is an italia singer/actress who went to Spain to found fame. Memelo 2010 is a dance/latino vi e/ bordeline trash song with a more than trash video. it’s in spanish and not really sure what memelo means… but all makes me think that is some sexual thing….or f it is not… it is for me…!
This version of the song is a new version of the same song that became popular isn Spain (or so we are told) in 2009. this new version works particularly well and I will not be surprised if they try and give it another try in 2011 for a Summer hit… considering that in 2010 they tried but failed.
Anyway…this sound liek a very sexual song to me…

“anto con todo que te quiero
me gusta tu memelo
tecando memacaca
y como tú me amas
lo haces sólo tú
oh memelo

Cuando me tocas me siento una mujer, amor
Consumas deseos hambrienta de ti
Cuando me tomas siento tu fuerza en mí
Cuando no estás no puedo ni respir”.

2) Heartbreak on vinyl – Blake Lewis (135)


Blake, bless him, for those who don’t know has been a n America Idol runner up. He always wanted to be Justin, but unfortunately for him he ain’t Justin. However when he went independent and released hos solo album he delivered a not so bad dance orientated album called like the track we are having here.
He definitely deserves much more…but as we all know these are the rules: you stop to suck up…. you can give your big opportunity up. tough but true.

“We were digging in the crates of love
Well darling sometimes love just ain’t enough
Heartbreak on vinyl was for people I guess
Who fall in love
In Analog and never let go”

1) Another Day – Elouise (152)


I’m almost sure that 99.99% of you dont really know who we are now talking about. And this, dear people, is a big loss for your ears.
Elouise is one of these singer that have been around for a while…and that people who counts really respect and work happily with her. But somehow the big moment hasn’t arrived. Just Yet.
this Ronald-Anderson penned track would fit amazingly in one of the best James Bond theme songs. It could have been the comeback single fo Dannii, it could have been so many things…but in fact it is only one thing: perfect.
if you ever had your heart broken/ had a painful breack-up….well…this song, my friends, is for you.
Plus…if you buy the cd from her website you will have lovely extras in your envelopes!!!!

“I might be brave tonight
I might just hold the moment tight
but on another day
the room is blu and where are you?”.

Amazing? Yes.


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